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Why Did We Launch IBuyers? 


Why did we launch Keller Offers?

For the good of consumers:

In our pursuit to drive the best end-to-end consumer experience, we’re striving to provide consumers with all the options available in today’s market. We firmly believe consumers should not have to forego the fiduciary representation of an agent in order to explore the potential of an instant offer.

For some homeowners who want to expedite the home-selling process, a new real estate model has been gaining appeal: iBuying.

• With today’s options, consumers are forced to make a choice - convenience and speed OR a fiduciary.

• Without an agent acting as a fiduciary, consumers are at a disadvantage. They lose out on valuable insight into their local market, and they may be left unaware of the variety of selling options that are available to them.

• At the listing presentation, agents now have the ability to present an instant offer through Keller Offers as an alternative to a traditional sale.

For the good of the industry:

Keller Williams did not want to get into the iBuyer business. As the most aggressive defender of the agent in our industry, entering the iBuyer space was a necessary move to protect the position of the agent at the center of the transaction.

• Through Keller Offers, we are empowering the agent to serve as a true fiduciary, educating their clients of all the options available in the sale of their home.

• Commissions vary based on the situation. The goal is to maximize the value an agent provides in a givenscenario, in turn maximizing the commission earned. Other iBuyer options available today cut the agent out of the transaction entirely.

• The question should be – What is your company doing to maximize your value?

• We are not conflicted. Our goal is to protect the position of the agent because consumers are best served when an agent is guiding them through the transaction.

• Other iBuyer options often sell the home without ever listing it on the MLS. Our partnership with Keller Offers ensures the agent will receive the listing at the time of sale (as local laws allow – this is covered extensively in training).

• The agent’s yard sign remains in front of the property throughout the entire process. Listing leads and the ability to bring a buyer to the home offer additional opportunities. And, because the agent remains their client’s representative throughout the process, their service will shine, yielding referrals.

• The broker/agent will receive 1% from the buyer at the close of escrow. There is the opportunity for another 1% to that agent if the broker agrees. The brokerage sign will go back in the yard and it is the broker’s discretion as to whether or not the agent from the acquisition will get the listing.

Why partner with an iBuyer?

As the largest real estate sales force in the world, we have the opportunity to influence the direction of our industry. We chose a partner who understood the importance of keeping the agent at the center of the transaction.

• To leverage the partnership, KW agents will be required to become a Keller Offers Certified iBuyer agent.

• Once certified, agents are able to submit a cash-offer request via Keller Offers.

• With a request in hand, Offerpad quickly generates an offer using their proprietary, in-house real estate experience and technology.

• Then, the assured offer routes back to the KW agent, who presents it to their seller.

• The KW agent will remain the seller’s consultant in understanding all their options to move them onward.

• Should the seller choose to accept the instant-offer path, the KW agent will guide the seller through the process. Additional Notes:

• Properties that are currently or have recently been on the MLS will not qualify for the program. Next Steps

• General Questions: [email protected]

• To get started in the program: [email protected]